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Land Division

Over the past three years we have developed our Land Alternative Energy Services Division to meet the demands of the wind market and the burgeoning land drilling activity.

We now have operations situated in areas throughout the USA close to heavy rig utilisation

* North Dakota
* Colorado
* Oklahoma
* Pennsylvania
* West Texas
* Houston.

Our service allows for a rapid response and provides a true one stop service - internal blast inspection and recoat on tools, no mess environmental issues - no weather downtime - no calling out three vendors - no involvement of rig crew. On completion of the process our clients will have complete certification of all inspected equipment, an online access database and equipment that looks as good as it did when first put into service.

Our services include;

* Derrick Dropped Object Inspections- API 4G Cat 3/4 (upwards of 600 last 5 years)
* Full API Load Path Survey - Top Drive ,Crown, Deadline Anchors etc. (Blast Inspect and Recoat)
* Load Testing - Anything that needs a load test! - Pad Eyes, D Rings, Trailer Hitches, Winches, Kit etc
* Lifting Gear Inspection- Slings, Shackles, Chainfalls etc etc
* Drilling/ Handling Tools- Subs, Elevators, Bails Slips etc (Blast Inspect and Recoat)
* Full NDT and Rope Access Services