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Hoisting and Lifting Inspection Services

Our management team at Cotech IRM have over 100 years experience in the provision of Hoisting /Lifting Gear Surveys.

Hopefully we know a thing or two to keep our clients compliant and guide them through the maze of complicated jargon that is often associated with this service!

Our survey is truly comprehensive and covers all items onboard to include the smallest shackle to largest crane.

Once again this survey is completed by qualified Rope Access personnel.

Ask your current provider how they access moon pool area and crown block pad eyes, blocks slings etc!

Load Testing

As standard our equipment list includes testing appartus that allows us to test smaller items out of certification onboard.

We utilise water bags for our heavier tests which include deck cranes, gantrys BOP handling systems etc.


Our management team were also the FIRST to offer a database for this service (15 years) and since then many of our competitors have followed .As with all our reporting systems, the database has evolved to include specific client requirements, changing legislation etc. The current version has received plaudits for ease of navigation, and efficiency in guiding the user quickly to required information. The database is accompanied by a hard copy bound report and 3 electronic copies.